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What's in your soap?

Each product has an ingredient list on the item page and printed on the label. A list of common ingredients and their benefits and uses are listed here. If you have questions about any specific ingredient, please contact us

Why is lye used to make soap? Isn't it dangerous?

Lye is a caustic substance that can be dangerous if not handled properly. Precautions like gloves and eye protection are used in order to prevent a chemical burn. When lye and oils mix, sopanification begins. Sopanification brings the pH level down but the soap needs sit for a few days before handling. The soap is cured to harden the bar to make it last longer and create better lather. 

What is the return policy?

Returns of unopened and unused products are accepted within 15 days of purchase. Purchaser is responsible for shipping fees. As all items are handmade, variations in products must be allowed. However, if there is a quality issue with a product, please contact us right away. 

Who the heck is Janebell?

Family legend goes that the owner of Janebell Soaps, Jana, was supposed to be named Janebell at the request/bribe of a great aunt in honor of an ancestor. While thankfully, her wise parents did not saddle Jana with this name legally and for life, it has been a her nickname ever since.

What is the local pickup option?

Local pickup can be arranged by contacting Jana after placing purchase.  This option is given so that local customers have the choice to avoid shipping cost.  Most likely the pickup location will be in the Cincinnati areas of West Price Hill, Delhi, or Madisonville.

Do you do craft shows or farmers markets?

Please follow us on social media to keep up-to-date about any craft shows or farmers market booths!

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